New Texas Home Insurance Policies & Coastal Windstorm & Hail TWIA Alternatives.

As of 2014,

Many new carriers, now offering All Perils windstorm included Homeowner's Insurance Policy options available for Your home on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Recent changes in Texas Legislation (Senate Bill 900 in June 2015) has enabled many companies to enter the Texas Home Insurance market. To help fill the void of competitive Homeowner's and Windstorm Insurance options. Especially on the Texas Gulf Coast, The need for Windstorm & Hail coverage is often limited to one provider,, with rates based on One Size Fits ALL premiums.

New Windstorm and Hail Included Home Policy options started to enter Texas Market on the Gulf Coast in 2014.

For many, Home Insurance Rates have doubled overnight in central Texas, with a constant steady creep for Texas Gulf Coast homeowners. By being An Informed Texas Home Insurance buyer and learning about recent Texas Legislation You can start to take advantage of significant premium savings with many of the New A+ Rated Companies, offering Windstorm included Homeowner's Policies throughout Texas Gulf Coast.

Over the next few months I will be preparing a series of 6 Newsletters discussing the following:

1. Senate Bill 900, How and Why this effects All Texas Home Insurance Coverage's And Claims! How this changes everything & could provide Texas home owner's more Home Policy options, New alternatives to Texas Windstorm Insurance Association - TWIA & FEMA - National Flood Insurance Program.

2. The 5 Standard Texas Homeowner's Policy Forms used today, Why this matters...AND How a few TOP Texas company offer 50% Less coverage using a Basic HOA Policy Form, compared to most other carriers.

3. Policy coverage options in detail, what coverage is duplicated and must have coverage's You should not go without and why, In today's lawsuit crazed environment!

4. Cost saving policy features, using endorsements to get covered for pennies on the dollar compared to main coverage limits!

5. What is a Admitted Company Compared to a Surplus Lines company, plus and minuses for insuring with each type of company in Texas.

6. New Texas Private Windstorm / Hail And Flood Insurance, both offering coverage options with top companies instead of TWIA and FEMA.

My goal is to inform ALL Texas homeowner's about new Home & Windstorm/Hail insurance policies, coverage options, policy forms used in Texas and how you can as a informed insurance buyer can be better prepared to know exactly what type policy forms, amount of coverage's and why and if you need certain coverage's to be properly insured. Most importantly what your actually buying for your hard earned premium dollars.

In the end, I hope ALL Texas Home Insurance consumers are more Informed about Texas Senate Bill 900, new Texas companies now available offering windstorm included home policy alternatives to TWIA, Private Flood Insurance alternatives to FEMA, AND Most Importantly Cut Your overall Home Insurance premium COST, All while being Properly Insured for the unexpected Losses, without breaking the Bank!

We offer specialized services for Texas Homeowners Insurance, Windstorm & Hail and Flood Insurance in the following communities: 
Tiki Island
Bayou Vista
Texas City
League City
La Marque
Crystal Beach
Port Bolivar
Fort Worth
San Antonio
Fort Bend
Missouri City

Since 1980,
We have helped over 50,000 Texans across the whole great state of Texas. Offering Low Cost Texas Homeowners Insurance, with the cheapest insurance rates in Texas, Broad Form Policies, with A+ Rated Home Insurance Companies.
In 2013,
We earned the TOP spot for WYO-FEMA Flood Insurance Agency. Rated #1 Flood Insurance Agency in Texas, #3 in the USA with our primary FEMA WYO company, due to our unique risk experience and specialized Historic FEMA Flood map Services, Flood Zones A & V risk on the Texas Gulf Coast.
We now offer Private Market Flood Insurance, a great Alternative to FEMA flood Insurance for some Flood Insurance risk, when FEMA Flood Policy Coverage option is cost prohibited or unavailable.  And alternative to TWIA for Texas Windstorm & Hail Insurance Association on the Texas Gulf Coast operating territory.

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